Key Clubs cleaning
the environment
Key Club members from the Division 25B (Cayman Islands) outside Fosters Food Fair to start the'
dean up.
MEMBERS  of  the   Key   Clubs   of   the
ported by the Cayman Islands Chamber of
Cayman Islands have embarked on a clean
Commerce, which provided hats, garbage
up campaign.
bags and snacks.
Last weekend club members were busy
Lt. Governor of  Division 25B, Zone 5
picking   up   garbage   and   debris   from
of the Cayman Islands Key Club Ridhima
outside   the   Owen   Robert   International
Kapoor said the main objectives  were  to
Airport along to Foster's Food Fair.
unite all Key Clubs in the Cayman Islands
Eleven  Key  Club  members  from  St.
and  to  ensure  that  the  communities  are
Ignatius    school,     Cayman     Prep     and
Cayman Islands Community  College par-
"The young people did a great job and
ticipated in the clean up campaign sup-
we're prepared to continue with the clean-
up campaign," added Ms Kapoor.
Source: Cayman NetNews 19/11/2004